National Security Become a Joke Too?

National Security Become a Joke Too?

11 September 2018 12:05 pm

A heavy conversation is being carried out about the National Security in the Media these days. And it seems that the conversations being extended have grown into verbal battle.

This is because of the former Commander in Army Minister Sarath Fonseka compelling criticisms in relate to the National Security and Army affairs, and the current Commander in Army supplying announcements as responses to the criticisms.

The Army Headquarters announcing a long statement the day before yesterday said that a group of retired Army officers dragging the National Security into conversation criticize the Ministry of Defence, the Army and the Commander in Army. The Army Headquarters through the announcement implies about the former Commander in Army Mr. Sarath Fonseka.

The relevant announcement declares that even though they are not of satisfaction about the military readiness of the Army, the Army is strong enough at any occurrence to provide protection to the country, and that none should hold any doubt otherwise. The Army through their announcement also declares that officers long retired from the Army are not accountable to review from the surface about the capacity of the Army.

In regard to the matter, yesterday (10) the former Commander in Army Minister Sarath Fonseka shared views in Kelaniya, and according to his statements the verbal battle began in light of National Security has now emphasized into a level of revealing personal weaknesses of each other. Mr. Fonseka said that the current Commander in Army is an individual spent his time with files and stationery during the war seasons; that he became the Commander in Army because all the four officers before him, qualified better, had various problems in applying. The Minister further says that he is on his tail, and by now 33 regimes have been suggested to be dissolved by the Commander.

In the meantime, the Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijewardena says that in respect to the National Security some people are making false statements. He further said that the Government is of top priority and make decisions to ensure the National Security, and some people for the benefit of their narrow expectations, are promoting false opinions to the society about the National Security.

The National Security as of now has become a joke through opinions of Ministers and Government Officials.

Regardless of how the National Security has been bragged, how the relevant authorities act on an urgent occurrence is apparent, perfectly exampling by the incident occurred on grounds of racism at Kandy, Digana recently. The Government failed to tackle the situation when the conflicts arose, and they were manipulated into the worst at the neutrality the Government leaders and the ministers followed.

During the conflict the Defence units were unable to ensure the security of the citizens of the country, and as a result of not acting precautious the result ended in heavy tragic. A regular vehicle accident in Digana finally had manipulated into a conflict on the grounds of racism and religionism, and not stopping from there it had spread into many places of Kandy, ultimately ending at a risk islandwide.

The leaders of the Government were unable to take appropriate and fearless measures against the situation for the sake of National Security and the protection of the people, and a momentum in which the country is being weakly ruled by Sinhala Buddhist extremists was situated. The only measure the Government was able to do was disabling all Social Media.

What the Government Ministers and the Government Officials ought to do in regard to any question rises against the National Security or any other combined is not making announcements at the Media. It is solving the problem by following the appropriate measures. Even Media institutions tend to promote further conflict between the parties involved sparing the real question aside. Therefore, the Ministers, as well as the Government Officials at a concern of the National Security or any other important conversation combined should not take these concerns so easily towards the Media.