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The Nomura Call is False –The Central Bank Responds

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka insists that the hearsay exposed by Nomura Holdings, a Japanese Finance Company, claiming that 7 countries a rising economy in the world is owned, including Sri Lanka, are at the brick of a crisis of exchange, is a lie.


The countries Nomura exposes to be at such risk are South Africa, Argentina, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine and Sri Lanka.

Nomura insists that apart from South Africa and Pakistan, the rest of the countries have already been at the crisis of exchange or are inline to programs of the International Finance Corporation.

A lot of international media is at the tail in regard to the scenario, and a report published by introduces Sri Lanka as a country in which the need of a refinancing is occurred, at presence of a sum of 160 Billion Dollars, a huge short-term loan.

Senior Deputy Governor of Central Bank Prof. Nandalal Weerasinghe has responded in writing in regard to the scenario to the President / CEO of Nomura Holdings. Prof. Nandalal Weerasinghe insists that the short-term foreign loan in Sri Lanka has not even reached near 160 Billion Dollars.

Prof. Weerasinghe states that according to the current estimations, adherent to short-term loans and responsibilities, Sri Lanka’s short-term loan and responsibilities is 14.3 Billion Dollars.

He points out that such false news would obviously create havoc amongst the investors, and at the current uncertainty on the global scale, such reports would have done an unrepairable damage to Sri Lanka.

Prof. Nandalal Weerasinghe in his announcement has informed that Nomura Holdings may understand the reality to the situation, and that the false news ought to be rectified without any delay.

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