Sri Lanka to crack down on vehicle assembly rackets

Sri Lanka to crack down on vehicle assembly rackets

13 September 2018 05:27 am

Sri Lanka Motor Traffic Department and the Police in collaboration with Sri Lanka Customs joined hands to take stern legal action against the assembly of vehicles from imported used/second hand parts.

Although this activity is considered to bring benefits to the economy in terms of low cost motor vehicles available for consumer use, youth employment and increase in technological capacity in the vehicle manufacturing sector there are also considerable costs involved in carrying out this operation.

Te pOlice will take action under the Intellectual Property act for rights violations due to the assembly of motor vehicles from second hand vehicles that have been purchased abroad, dismantled and then imported into the country.

The government takes steps to stop this operation by discouraging the import of second hand parts, through reduction of the disparity in the tax rates charged on motor vehicles and spare parts.

It would also consider issuing strict regulations on the import of second hand vehicle parts, such as those found in other countries neighbouring Sri Lanka.