Financial Support, Loaning Schemes and Housing Allowances for Families of the Missing

Financial Support, Loaning Schemes and Housing Allowances for Families of the Missing

13 September 2018 12:30 pm

The Interim Report submitted to the President Maithreepala Sirisena by the Office of Missing Persons recommends that a monthly allowance of 6000 Rupees for the families of the missing with no fixed income, and an aid of 2000 Rupees adhered to a newly established scholarship program undertaken by the Ministry of Education for completing their children’s primary and secondary education will be provided.

The report also demonstrates under Immediate Recommendations, as Additional Relief Propositions, that the families of the missing will be separately categorized by having them released from the loan restraints determined by the Ministry of Finance, and provided with loan reliefs through a proposal developed in regard to entrepreneur loan scheming under the Enterprise Sri Lanka project.

Also, provision of financial support, in regard to building houses or completion of partly constructed houses, under housing projects undertaken by the Ministry of Housing and Construction, is recommended.

Furthermore, introduction of vocational technical training courses consisting of training-while-working, and 1% of reservation from Government employment, for family members who fill the necessary requirements, are recommended.

Suggestions to Immediate Litigations

A recommendation for an investigative and litigative mechanism, as the immediate need to serve justice and accountability is understood, is also introduced in the report under the Recommendations for Justice. In it, recommendations to empowerment of the Disappearance Act, and immediate continuity and completion of the litigations cased for incidents related to forced disappearing are introduced.

Monastery of the Innocent Must Be Reestablished

Recommendations, to name a day remembering the missing understanding the pain of their families, reestablishment of the memorial monument known as the Monastery of the Innocent which was located in Baththaramulla area, and preservation of mass graves as monuments after the excavations, are also introduced in the report.

The Office on Missing Persons was established in February 2018 chaired by President’s Counsel Mr. Saliya Peris, in accordance with the Disappearance Act passed in the Parliament in 2016. Complaints related to willful disappearing during the war seasons and afterwards during 1988-89 era have also been received to the office. The office had carried out the activities in relate to collecting public opinion on a provincial level, and this Interim Report has also been published.

The progress of the Office on Missing Persons had also been appreciated by the National Human Rights Commission recently.