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36 Sections of JVP’s 20 Violate Constitution

The Supreme Court has decided that in approving 36 out of 38 sections of the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, presented to the Parliament by the JVP in abolishing the Executive Presidency, not only two-thirds majority in the Parliament, but also a referendum by people is required. The reason is because the relevant 36 sections violate the existing Constitution.
Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mr. Ananda Kumarasiri announced this Supreme Court decision yesterday (09) at the Parliament.
The Supreme Court has viewed that only the first and final sections of the amendment are compliant with the existing constitution. The first section emphasizes the name of the bill, when the final section reveals that if there are contradictions between the Sinhala and Tamil texts, the Sinhala language text should be enriched.
Therefore, the Supreme Court views that all important sections of the 20th Amendment to the Constitution presented by the JVP violate the current Constitution.

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