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Four Arrested in Britain in Connection with Opposing Prime Minister Ranil

A group of people protested against the Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe during his lecture at a British University society has been arrested by the British Police.

Among the protestors, four Tamil people have been arrested by the Police under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

The protesters were arrested, when Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe seated at the ‘Indian Ocean’s Politics’ conference organized by the Oxford University Society as special guest, by the Thames Valley Police.

Naming, the four protesters Sokkalingam Yogalingam, Shakya Raj Fernando, Dhanushan Mahadewan and Selvaganeshan have been arrested.

Sokkalingam Yogalingam, who was arrested, was informed by a Police Officer that they are being arrested for the purpose of carrying out investigations in relate to acts of terrorism.

The slogan posters carried by the protesters have also been taken by the Police.

Human Rights organizations, which harshly condemn the British Terrorism Prevention codes to be having a repressive effect on peaceful protestors and minority groups, have pointed out that they violate civil and fundamental rights.

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