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Conspiracy against Rupavahini!

Chairperson of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Inoka Satyangani says that a conspiracy has been plotted against the corporation. In a statement to the press, titled “The propaganda that changes the Rupavahini brand is false”, she made these comments.
The announcement is as follows.
It appears that various media have been planning to change the logo of the Jathika Rupavahini channel, and it should be emphasized that the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation has not taken any such decision. Also, neither there has been a discussion, nor there is such need.
The Sri Lankan Hill Myna logo of the Jathika Rupavahini is an indication of the honour and dignity of our institution.
It is our firm resolve and responsibility to protect the symbol of dignity that has been preserved for thirty seven years without being partially changed or altered. Sad to say, some who misunderstood our marketing strategy towards new media culture are being misled to steer other media to promote false propaganda.  
We believe that there should be a good connection between National Television and Digital Media in the advent of competitive television networks, and as a result, the Rupavahini has implemented a number of new programs in accordance with its social networking system.
One of the strategies is the promotional activities carried under ‘Ru Digital’, which is a substitute brand. The strategy has also been used to promote certain programs, including Rupavahini News, using the various shapes of it. Its existence already being able to gain a social focus is a great testament to our success.
This is not the first time such methodology is being followed by the Jathika Rupavahini. Our marketing division has been promoting our own brand ‘Ru Entertainment’ for 10 years now. It has never caused damage whatsoever to the main brand of Jathika Rupavahini.
We are aware that behind the false propaganda against Rupavahini is a narrow purpose of a limited group of people. But need we remind you, that such attempts are only a fraction of a dream to destroy the reputation of a huge network like Jathika Rupavahini.
Jathika Rupavahini is a national treasure. It is a people’s network and we firmly declare that there is no turning back in our way forward, preserving the values and responsibilities of our National Television with the intention of expanding the knowledge and enjoyment for the general public.

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