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No Attorney General’s Advices on Rathupaswala Case Yet

The Criminal Investigations Department informed the Court yesterday (10) that the Attorney General’s advice on the case of murder of three people from Rathupaswala area, who had protested demanding clean drinking water, by shooting in Weliweriya city, has not yet been received.

The CID officers, visiting the Gampaha Magistrate D.A. Ruwan Pathirana yesterday, informed that although the relevant files have been submitted to the Attorney General regarding the investigation, they have not yet received instructions from the Attorney General.

On August 1, 2013, the Rajapakshe Government acquiring the Army fired at the protest held by the Rathupaswala residents, and two students and a youth worked in the Free Trade Zone of Biyagama were shot dead in the scene. The Army barbarically attacked the villagers and assaulted them, and many of them were injured.

Army Brigadier Aruna Deshapriya Gunawardena and four others have been accused of the case and are now released on bail.

When the case was called yesterday, it was postponed by the Magistrate till January 4, 2019.

The victims of the Rathupaswala attack were compensated by the present Government for the injured and killed. A just compensation does not serve justice. People who are responsible for this barbaric attack should be punishable by law; not only against assassins who are responsible for these murders, by also against senior officials who ordered them to cause the killing.

Over five years passed to the crime. Three Army personnel were arrested related to the killing on March 24, 2017. The Brigadier was arrested on May 25, 2017. The convicted Brigadier and a sergeant were released on bail on August 31, 2017. Rest of the convicted were released on bail on September 22, 2017. Over a year passed to the release, still the Attorney General’s has not yet been received.

Justice to the victims of Rathupaswala was one of the major promises made before people at the last Presidential Election. In such an environment, the authorities need to pay attention to the delay in the Attorney General’s Department.

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