‘Reports about Lasantha’s switch into UNP are false’ - Lanka News Web (LNW)

‘Reports about Lasantha’s switch into UNP are false’

All reports published on social media acclaiming that Parliamentarian Lasantha Alagiyawanna from Sri Lanka Freedom Party has switched into the United National Party are false, said by one of his coordinating secretaries.

It was when ‘Lanka News Web’ requested a clarification regarding to learn the truth to the claims.

When it was questioned to learn the extent of truth on account to the reports claiming that Mr. Alagiyawanna has agreed to join the United National Party per offer by Leader of Jathika Hela Urumaya Patali Champika Ranaweera to locate him in an electoral organizer position for Gampaha District and in a powerful ministerial position once the Parliament is convened, his secretary said that Mr. Lasantha Alagiyawanna has guaranteed that he would never join the United National Party.

He further commented, “Mr. Alagiyawanna is not in the country at the moment.. He has gone abroad for his son’s surgery. Because he is not seen much these days, many rumours are spread across about him.. He will be coming back to Sri Lanka before the Parliament is convened.. He also continuously talked with the President, anyway it is confirmed that Mr. Lasantha Alagiyawanna will not be joining the UNP.”


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