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We must act constitutionally, I will stand independently - Welgama

Kalutara District Parliamentarian Kumara Welgama says that although he will be voting in favour of Mr. Mahinda Rajapakshe for showing Parliament’s majority, he has no intention of joining the new Government, adding that he will be standing independent.

He made this statement in addressing the media yesterday (07) in regard to the current political crisis emerged in the country.

Mr. Kumara Welgama said that the country, at its peak of ineffectiveness, is being led into torment day by day, reasoning that it is because there are two Prime Ministers in the country right now. He pointed out that other than questioning and quarrelling as to who is the actual legitimate Prime Minister, the Government bodies do not give into their work protocols.

He pointed out that one Prime Minister is at the Prime Ministerial Office, while the other is in his Official Residence, emphasizing that the confusion has struck on public that the issue must be solved in the Parliament.

Mr. Welgama said that they could have solved this issue much better in a rather conclusive way, pointing out that if they were patient till a next Presidential Election or another election, this would not have occurred in the first place.

He emphasized that everything should be happening in accordance with the Constitution, questioning as to whether he can be happy of what has become now.

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