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232 bones found in 102 days at “Mannaram” Mass Grave

232 bone fragments belonged to different individuals have been revealed so far in the Sathosa Mass Grave at Mannaram, at a search for one hundred and two days.

Forensics Specialist Saminda Rajapakshe says that 224 of the 232 bone fragments revealed have been removed from the site and now are being kept at Mannaram Magistrate Court.

So far, 18 bone fragments from the Mannaram Sathosa Mass Grave have been revealed and confirmed to be children’s.

Forensic Specialist Saminda Rajapakshe in addressing the journalists during the digging said that the court has given the approval to send some of the selective specimens revealed from the bodies to Beta Analytic Laboratory in Florida for time analysis.

He further said that necessary steps will be taken in this regard in future.

Known to be the biggest mass grave revealed in history of Sri Lanka, diggings are being carried out even at the presence of rain.

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