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Update 3: Friendship of Navy Commander, DIG, seems to be an obstacle to justice

Even though Fort Police Station OIC had been summoned to the court today (5) to give a statement at the hearing of the case against the CDS, he did not turn up.  Instead, he had sent a police officer to the court who is not aware of anything about the incident.

Assault on Laksiri: no suspects found

Fort Police Station OIC had been summoned to question whether the CDS should be named as a suspect of the assault on a Navy officer named Galagamage Laksiri, who testified that the CDS harbored a suspect of the incident of the abduction and disappearance of 11 youths. 

Lieutenant Commander Galagamage Laksiri had been assaulted by the associates of CDS Ravindra Wijegunaratne on November 25 at the Navy Headquarters before the CDS. Mr. Laksiri lodged a complaint with the Fort Police Station and as a result, statements were reorded from 19 persons. However, no one has been named as a suspect.

Nandana’s slanders

Although there were requests not to link the case against the CDS to this assault case, the CID in the court connected both the cases.

Western Province Senior DIG Nandana Munasinghe has spoken with the IGP regarding this. He had said: “Sir, I perfectly balanced the Fort Police. But the CID took it up in the court.”

Nandana-Sirimewan friendship

Nandana Munasinghe and Navy Commander Sirimewan Ranasinghe were school mates. They both studied at the Anuradhapura Central College. Their friendship is one of the obstacles that hinder police investigations.

When the police went to Navy Headquarters to conduct an investigation regarding the assault case, they were not allowed to enter the premises.

Nandana released Navy officer who assaulted journalists

When the previous hearing took place, a Navy officer, who is a bodyguard of the CDS, attacked journalists in front of the court. Although he was arrested on the spot, he was later released. DIG Lalith Pathinayake had ordered the police officers who arrested the Navy officer to release him. Pathinayake had been instructed to do so by Nandana Munasinghe.

This is how their friendship affects court proceedings. However, DIGs, the Police Department and the CID have divided into three groups due to this incident.


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