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Phone call that reveals Rajith Keerthi who rested Prez

It is reported that leader of several non-government organizations Rajith Keerthi Thennakoon has claimed that he read the comprehensive report in regard to the questionable bond transactions.
This was when a phone call was made with a former member of Presidential Staff, Oshala Herath. 
Mr. Thennakoon points out that many information included in the Presidential Commission appointed to investigate the bond transactions which were not previously revealed were uncovered, questioning as to whether the Attorney General is beating around the bush amid the existence of these evidences. 
Former member of Presidential Staff Oshala Herath admits that the relevant phone conversation was carried out in January 17, 2018. The day is significant, because it is the same day President Sirisena also made a special statement regarding the report published by the Commission.
Below is the relevant phone conversation.
There are several concerns that need to be dealt with related to the case.
1. How did Rajith Keerthi get to read a report that was not even issued before the Parliament by the President?
2. Who leaked these information? President or the AG's Office? (Because if we are not mistaken, during the time the President's side had informed that the AG had instructed not to reveal these information even to the Parliament)
3. The above phone conversation mentions of former Presidential Secretariat Austin Fernando. Therefore, reasonable doubt rises that these information were leaked to Rajith Keerthi by the President's side. 
4. It was President Sirisena who had provided information for Rajith Keerthi to seek many media institutions including 'Sirasa' to babble about Central Bank fraud and to attack former Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe. If so, it is he who had set the first step on obliterating the coalition of the coalition government. 
5. Does the President find Keerthi more important than the Parliament to leak classified information restricted to be presented before the Parliament?
6. Did not President Sirisena act in throwing the mandate and the supremacy of the Parliament into garbage? Or, otherwise, did he take part in a bigger conspiracy to obliterate Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe's political career by leaking these information to Keerthi without officially having them announced to the Parliament?
7. Can the President be forgiven for providing state secrets to a head of NGOs for his personal power aspirations?
8. Do not these validate the presumption of which Mr. Sirisena has involved in a conspiracy in October 26 by violating the Constitution, and that this is another step of it?
9. Amid the incident, it is not dull to assume that classified information, which had not even been disclosed before the Parliament, are being reached into many other parties than Rajith Keerthi. Therefore, are we to understand that it is President Sirisena's political perversion to further hide these information for the lust of power without disclosing before the Parliament?
10. Finally, we challenge President Sirisena this. Expose the so called 'thieves' by disclosing the Presidential Commission Report composed in regard to the bond transactions before the Parliament. Does he have the guts?   

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