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Why Sirisena does not want to appoint Ranil as PM?

The Sunday Times highlighted a tender for a 22 billion dollar LNG tender that was advertised post-haste as soon as the purported government took oaths. This was a tender that was strenuously opposed by the UNF government , but pushed very strongly by President Sirisena. The whole tender was coordinated locally by Dimo up their “projects” division. This “agent” is very closely linked to President’s son.

The tender, if it goes through, will be the country’s single largest government tender ever and will force SRI lanka to depend on a Korean firm for supply of LNG for 20 years. Korea is not a supplier of LNG. They are only an agent for Qatar. Several other suppliers have offered LNG at a much cheaper price on a government to government basis. The cabinet didn’t go for that. The government has to pay a “floor price” whether or not the government uses the gas.

Sirisena removed Ranil because he steadfastly opposed the deal. Mahinda readily supported the deal. Now the president cant go back. Payments have already been received. His family is to benefit big time from the Koreans. They now fear if Ranil comes back he will cancel this tender. The benefit is $ 500.

A private company importing German cars has spent lot of time and money during the last few weeks to get this tender. Therefore Ranil will never be appointed. Sirisena wants a puppet. This needs to be sorted if Ranil is ever to be appointed again.


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