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Electric Chair resurfaced in Tennessee, death by Lethal Injection argued!

David Earl Miller, an inmate in Tennessee of the United States has been executed by electric chair followed by an arguing that lethal injection leads to suffering.

Miller was among many inmates on death row attempting to avoid lethal injection following several botched executions. The number of inmates opposing death by lethal injection amid its alleged controversy has been increased over the years, and Miller was the latest who was granted by his preference.

Another Tennessee inmate, Edmund Zagorski, was also electrocuted on November.

Death by lethal injection is the state’s main method of execution. Prior to Zagorski’s execution, the electric chair had not been used since 2013. Zagorski's execution reportedly was the second time the electric chair in the state had been used since 1960.

Hanging was the most recognized form of capital punishment in the United States until the 1890s. The electric chair later became the most widespread method until the 60s. In 1982, the first death by lethal injection was carried out by Texas State, after which it gradually replaced the electric chair across the nation.

Electrocution is no longer considered to be the main method of execution in any US state. Death by lethal injection was followed by controversy that it does not lead to a death with minimum pain. Miller and Zagorski argued that death by lethal injection--in which chemical compound midazolam is used in Tennessee--would lead to a prolonged and painful death. Reportedly, midazolam is a drug that sedates the guilt but does not prevent from feeling the pain of death. The process follows a series of executions using different combinations of chemicals where prisoners appeared to have suffered before death. The US Constitution bans cruel and unusual punishments for death sentences.

David Miller was one of four death sentenced who filed federal case demanding Tennessee to acquire firing squad instead of lethal injection or electrocution, and it is reported that more than 50 prisoners from the neighbour state Alabama have chosen to be killed using nitrogen gas chamber rather than be given lethal injection.


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