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Failure to high ranking aptitude assessment !

The aptitude assessment conducted for high ranking officers by the Committee on High Posts of Parliament has come to a complete failure, sources say. 
Secretary of Ministry of Ports, Naval and Southern Development Parakrama Dissanayake, who will be resigning from his post and joining a private company as an officer with a high post from the coming month, has not yet been decided for his aptitude by the above committee. The period for announcement of his aptitude to the public ended on March 1.
The list also consists of Secretary of Defence Ministry Hemasiri Fernando, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Ministry R.P. Ariyasinghe, Secretary of Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs S.M. Mohammed, Secretary of Tourism, Wildlife and Christian Religious Affairs S. Hettiarachchi. 
These secretaries were newly appointed after the constitutional conspiracy by the President, who have been in their duties with no formal aptitude assessment for over four months. Therefore, political analysts point out that the Committee on High Posts should be focused by the government. 

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