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Complaints by consumers against selling cigarettes for higher price

Complaints have been raised by cigarettes consumers before the Consumer Affairs Authority against increasing price of cigarettes from Rs. 10 in the market, despite the 2019 budgetary suggestion to increase from Rs. 5.  
The budget suggested in March 05, 2019, that the price of cigarettes will be increased from Rs. 5. A letter has been drafted and sent to the Consumer Affairs Authority by Mr. Prasad Weerasekara as a consumer, pointing out that a cigarette, previously regulated for Rs. 55 in price, is impossible to be increased from Rs. 10, given the 12% production tax.
The letter therefore emphasizes that the price regulation is false and fraud allowing cigar companies to arbitrarily regulate prices of a legally recognized consumer item, and is unfair. 
The letter further requests from the Consumer Affairs Authority to make a reasonable interference into the matter to bend the fraudulence.

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