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Altered lifestyles may tame down cancers, according to specialists

Deaths due to cancers is the second most frequent in deaths in Sri Lanka, as said by Secretary of Sri Lanka Cancer Society Consultant Dr. Jaliya Jayasekara. 
Addressing a media briefing held in Heath Promotion Bureau yesterday (15), Acting Director of Health Promotion Bureau Consultant Dr. Ranjith Batuwanthudawa stated that in keeping with the latest records, 28,000 new patients diagnosed to have cancer have been revealed in Sri Lanka.  
A malignant growth or tumour depriving disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body is defined as a cancer. Males are more likely to have cancerous diseases in the mouth region, as reasoned by Oncologist Dr. Nurad Joseph that males are consuming more cigarettes, drugs, tobacco and beetle. 
Dr. Joseph further added that 23 cancer treatment units will be established all over the country, with women's healthcare clinics and pointed out that the services will be free of charge and beneficial in controlling cancer.
Preventing cancers are most found out to be effective in altering lifestyles, according to findings. The Government has taken measures to raise awareness among the public in changing lifestyles in order to stay away from cancerous diseases. Obtaining tobacco and beetle or attending with having them obtained has been prohibited in health institutions all over the country. 
National Cancer Prevention Program declares that it is important to protect that policy in all governmental institutions as approved by the Cabinet. 
Many consultants attended in the briefing emphasized that despite the tendency to genetically inherit cancers, altering lifestyles by avoiding food with preservatives, colouring and those exposed to harmful rays would be most effective in preventing cancers.

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