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One-day registration service for land deeds introduced to Central Province

One-day registration service for land deeds will be declared open to the Central Province at 9.30 am today (16). 
The event will be chaired by Minister of Public Enterprise, Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development Lakshman Kiriella, at the Kandy real estate and district registrar office premises. 
Following the introduction of this new service, people will be privileged to make a payment of Rs. 5000 in registering their lands within a day. Receiving deeds within a day is also possible through the service. 
The one-day service will also allow Sri Lanka to be measured through the Doing Business Index into which extent is suitable for conducting businesses, opening up a development progress on the Sri Lankan business industry. 
The main ceremony following today's ceremony will be held in Land Registrar General's Office in Colombo tomorrow (17). The Central Province's event will also be participated by Kandy Government Agent and Additional Registrar General Tissa Karunaratne.

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