Prisons struggle amid overcrowded inmates

Prisons struggle amid overcrowded inmates

16 May 2019 08:23 am

Reports say that the prisons in Sri Lanka struggle over providing space to detainees amid increasing number of in-takes everyday. 

The space issue in the prisons is seemingly being taken into conversation apart arresting reported on a daily basis accounting to violent behaviour spread across the country in the wake of communal disharmony. 

According to reports, the Colombo Remand prison is currently facing this issue at a great volume. 

Prison officers are forced to put four-to-five inmates in one prison cell in order to tackle the overcrowding, and sometimes, detainees are transferred to prisons outside Colombo, reports said. 

Prison Commissioner General J. W. Tennakoon said that internal management initiatives have been taken into implementation in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts between rival groups. 

Meanwhile, everyone arrested over the involvement of terrorist attacks targeting Easter Sunday will be separately held in prisons, the Commissioner General added.