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An elephant with tusks of an age around 08 years has been killed by gunshot at the Udawalawa reservoir of Udawalawa National Park near the Thanamalwila Udawalawa Road early today (01). The postmortem for the dead elephant has been carried out by Veterinary Surgeon Malaka Abeywardena of Udawalawa Elephant Transit Centre.

Two elephants had been killed last night (20 October) after they were hit by two separate trains that were travelling from Colombo to Kankasanthurai, and Colombo to Batticaloa.

Two elephants had been hit by a train in Ambanpola area. One of the elephants had died, while the other one had been seriously injured.

Another wild elephant had died in an accident in Palugaswewa area. The train, which had been traveling from Colombo to Batticaloa, had derailed due to the collision. Consequently, the train had stopped at Kekirawa railway station.

Also, three elephants died in an accident between Welikanda and Punani on 6 October after they were hit by the train that was travelling from Batticaola to Colombo. In the first three weeks of this month alone, five elephants have died due to elephant-train accidents.  

The Ministry of Transportation appointed a committee on 28 September to avert elephant-train collisions. The committee, after examining the train tracks in the north and east, presented five recommendations.

The Land and Agricultural Reforms Movement alleges attempts by Indian plant seed companies which held a conference in Colombo to bring in plant seeds to Sri Lanka without seed quarantine approval. This will pose a grave threat of disease outbreaks to local crops and also the country’s seed production market will be in the hands of Indian companies, it warns.

A flurry of meetings should help curb greenhouse-gas emissions. But the global agreement is still essential

IN MAY France’s environment ministry moved to an 18th-century mansion close to the National Assembly and Elysée Palace. The relocation—and a pretentious new name, the Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition—hint at Emmanuel Macron’s desire to be seen as a global leader in the fight against climate change.

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