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Natural Mangroves Reserve at Seguwanthiv to say Goodbye!

Although the Human Being is dependent from the environment to continue his living, we feel that he lacks courtesy, or is ignorant to learn at all, to treat and devote himself into the environment.

Day by day we feel that greenish world is being decimated--leaving us into faraway distance. We can talk all day, but the eyes meet the writhing agony of the trees and leaves, the moaning of the drying out earth.

This story comes from Puttalam; about the Natural Mangroves Reserve from Seguwanthiv Puttalam. Even though we had previously revealed about this devastation, it seems that it is no longer possible to save the reserve. It is us the humans, who crushed this Mangrove forest, which has been serving the mankind for decades, into pieces.

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It is not fault to define this Mangrove reserve located near the lagoon of Puttalam as the Kingdom for Reproduction of the Fish Life. According to the traditional Fishermen community, the breeding grounds for fish are located around this Mangrove reserve.

Furthermore, in the process of producing Oxygen, the Mangroves hold a special place. Compared to the other plants, due to Mangroves’ 100% contribution to the Oxygen producing process, they are known for being actuators of Oxygen.

Not only that. The Mangroves are known for protecting this area by directly contributing to suppress natural disasters such as when there are flooding causes by rainfall, flooding causes by river overflowing, and heavy winds turning into natural disasters.

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According to the National Red Data Book of 2012, about 10 varieties of Mangroves have been identified in the Puttalam area, and among them Weriya, Manda, Mahakadol, Yak Kirala and Mal Kadol have been taken into main focus.

By now, this area has been dominated by Salt Pit owners and those who undertake Prawn Farming, thus Mangrove resources from the coastal reserves in the high-sensitive Mangrove Reserve Zones such as Kottadithiv, Seguwanthiv can be seen chopped and burned into the grounds with chainsaws.

The people in the area know beyond any doubt that these inhuman treatments to wipe out tens of thousands of Acres of Mangrove forests are always being carried out to modify the Salt Pits without second thoughts.

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The coastal folk living in this area have taken up their livelihoods with the help of these Mangrove reserve. Now all what are left for them to witness in moaning faces are the dying grounds of these precious plants. Despite being informed about this disaster to take any action against it, the authorities are now clear following a vivid policy to watch the scenario as if a marching on the road is taking place and ignore the situation.

What the Wildlife Officer of the area Mr. Rajasiri says about this environmental crime is a very astonishing story.

“These details have not yet been reported to me. I will immediately send an Officer to investigate the area.”

Nevertheless, staring at a blind state unable to do anything to prevent such massacre from happening is most unfortunate.


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