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Another elephant shot at Udawalawa National Park! (Photos)

An elephant with tusks of an age around 08 years has been killed by gunshot at the Udawalawa reservoir of Udawalawa National Park near the Thanamalwila Udawalawa Road early today (01). The postmortem for the dead elephant has been carried out by Veterinary Surgeon Malaka Abeywardena of Udawalawa Elephant Transit Centre.
Wildlife officers said that the dead elephant was last seen outside the park around 2.30 pm yesterday (30) and was sent back to the park by the Wildlife officers.  
Also, they went on to say that the area where the elephant laid dead was searched by the officers around 1.30 am today and it was not seen around that time. So they assumed conclusion that someone must have shot it after 1.30 am.
Commenting on the incident, Secretary of Wildlife Veterinary Surgeons' Association Malaka Abeywardena stated that although elephants from Udawalawa National Park were killed many times before, unfortunately, this one was killed inside the park.
None has been arrested in relate to the incident so far, and investigations are being carried out by the Udawalawa Wildlife officers by now.

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