Because of development projects daily aggravating wild animal catastrophe in Hambantota
During the past 15 years to date there had been many huge development projects in the Hambantota district  as a result several forests had been cleared causing the elephant-man clashes to aggravate on the daily basis.In addition the remaining animals like Deer ,Stag.and other wild animals have become prey for illegal huntsman.
During the past two years eight persons had succumbed to elephant-man clashes while two had been totally disabled.It is also reported 14 elephants who had entered the farms had been killed.In he process of clearing the forests the elephants lose their bases and food they unquestionably invade the villages.This causes the elephant-man clashes was quipped and shown  by the environmentalist Sajeewa Charmikara..
It is reported that in the Hambantota district out of the 32000 hectares of land belonging to the Mahaweli authority  15,000 hectares  of land have been handed over for vivid development projects.This has been added by the Manager of the Mayurapura Mahaweli division office Anura Shantha.
It is said that in majority in these Mahaweli lands the elephants and other wild animals had been living as their permanent dwelling areas which have been turned into developmental projects.In the rest of the jungle areas it is reported that around 450 wild elephants are still living in distress and anguish.The area that remains is reported is barely sufficient for living..Hence they tend to go to villages in search of food.
The forest ranger of the wild life office WMA Gunatunga states that a forest area for elephants has not been  separated.It is also learnt and reported that owing to the wish of a number of Ministers separate development projects have commenced.Hence the lives of the the villages have been made uncertain owing to the influx of wild elephants and wild animals into the villages. ,
It is also reported that for the continuation of the southern express highway parts of the forests have been cleared.In addition the henchmen of politicians have commenced their own projects by clearing large areas of the forest.It is also said the these henchmen are also involved in the illegal gravel and soil businesses.This has made further loss of forest area depriving the elephants to live peacefully.
As a result of these developmental projects the famous curd industry famous in Hambantota district has been affected,The 2500 acres of land grass land given the the milk farmers has been used as a area for the  supervision of wild elephants.Although this area has been developed to prevent elephant-man clashes on the other hand the milk farmers have been made helpless.
It is also said that in order to make the elephant -man clashes to be at a low ebb by the wild life department has not been able to make it a reality.The land allocated for this purpose by the Mahaweli authority has been utilized for excavation of gravel, breaking rubble and other projects.The Mahaweli  authority has already allocated  land for erection of power plants. For this purpose 600 acres of land has been allocated in the Tissapura area.This area has been already cleared for this purpose.
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