NCE misuses President's name
NCE (National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka) has purposely misused the public media to publish poters, advertisements including president's name whom would be the cheif guest of the award ceremony which is going to be held at Hilon hotel in Colombo at 6pm tonight.
Jiffy Products Company which must directly answer for Deduru river pollution, is to be nominated as the best exporter of Sri Lanka in 2015 and will be grand awarded at the ceremony tonight.
But President's office emphasizes that such a participation on a ceremony, is not included in president's daily schedule. As it's stated, president  has been in Galle today morning and Central Commitee of SLFP will be called at his official residence today evening at 6 pm.
Accordingly, it seems that NCE has marketed president's name and his reputation. When phoned on Mr. Marikkar (Chief Executive of NCE) said that 'Jiffy' has been nominated for the grand award of this ceremony, on the certification which was offered by North Western environmental Authority and would not care of the media practice regarding on this case.
But evidences already confirmed that North Western Environmental Authority is a most corrupted institute in Sri Lanka. 
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