Jiffy company which destructed the Deduru Oya bribes the Good Governance
The Chief Executive Officer of the Jiffy parent company Daifin Alexender has come to Sri Lanka and reported to have met the leaders of the Good Governance and trying to free all allegations of his Sri Lankan Jiffy Company which is discharging poisonous chemicals to the Deduru Oya and destructing the lives of the villagers in the Kobeigane area.
The latter who is currently residing in the island has met the leaders of the good Governance and the media heads and urged to free his company from allegations. The latter has proposed many privileges to deliver his company from criticism.
Alexender has met the Wayamba province chief minister Dharmasiri Dasanayake and the deputy minister Sujeewa Senasinghe and taken them to the factory premises and tried to convince that there is no environmental hazard from his factory. It was reported that these two ministers has agreed upon this issue.
It was reported that the former economic development minister Basil Rajapaksa has given a tremendous support to sustain the Jiffy factory amid criticism. He influenced the Central Environmental Authority not to check the factory. However when the Central Environment Authority took water sample from the Deduru Oya and checked, it revealed that 200% of calcium nitrate is said to be contained in the waters of the Deduru Oya more than the usual. Calcium Nitrate is said to be contained in the discarded waster which is released to the Deduru Oya by the waters taken from the river to clean the coir fiber.
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