Lakshman Kiriella flees amidst booing

The minister of Higher Education and Highways Lakshman Kiriella  had come to attend yestrday ( 03)  instant  a meeting scheduled at the Gampaha district secretary office. In the wake of the combat of the public and the jeering he had fled the scene.

It has been revealed that Ministers Lakshman Kiriella and Ruwan Wijewardena had participated in a meeting at the divisional secretariat office in Gampaha to discuss issues pertaining to those who need to be compensated for the loss of property with the completion of the first phase of the Colombo Kandy express highway that is under construction. The incident had occurred after the meeting was concluded.

At the time of the jeering which made the Lakshman Kiriella to flee, Minister Ruwan Wijeywardena had left the premises of the district secretariat office.

The reason for the combat of the public had been that the lands had not been properly valued was what the people affected in the  area  between Kadawatha and Mirigama had claimed. They had commenced a clamour at which time Minister Lakshman Kiriella was leaving the Kachcheri premises the desperate residents had cornered him had shouted that “together with the Prime Minister you are thieves who conspirate in unison” and stopped the vehicle from moving. The Minister’s vehicle had moved away only with the intervention of the police officers.

It is reported that while the meeting was in progress there had been a huge number of people outside the premises of the divisional secretariat office.It is learnt that the police had dispersed the crowd by scolding and uttering filth.It is reported that the police had arrested a youngster who had videoed the scenes had been taken into police custody and removed all the data pertaining to the incident that were in his mobile phone.The youngster is one Tharindu a resident of Ganemulla.
It is also reported that the media personnel  from the Lanka News Web who had gone to report had also been arrested and then released.
The youngster Tharindu had aired his views to the Lanka News Web site in this manner:-.
“ I arrived at the scene at around 1 45 pm.At that time when people were going inside did not allow him to go in.The police had started to scold them in bad language.All the scenes and audios were recorded by me.The a policeman came and wanted my identity card. I gave him my licence.I took a photo of my licence. The police deleted all the photos and videos.They told me you have taken to place them in the FB know in an angry manner. I said yes.”.

After the incident people airing views had added that while having development projects the people should not be made unfair.The valuable lands of the people have been undervalued and no one would be allowed to do so.In that manner they would be protesting against injustice meted out.They confess that they had come to express their disconcern but the police had deprived them from doing so.In this context they have vouched not to allow their lands to be acquired.

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