PM in a discussion with  Maha Sanga on leasing of lands in Hambantota

A  special discussion between the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe and the Maha Sanga of the Hambantota district was held yesterday  night of the 06th instant at the Walawa Jayewardenaramaya temple premises.

 It is reported that the former Speaker and Member of Parliament Chamal Rajapaksa had urged the Prime Minister to come to the temple premises for this discussion.

The  team of Buddhist monks led by the Viharadhipathi of the Tissamaharamaya Venerable Devalegama Dhamma Sena thera had presented the facts on the leasing of the Hambantota Magampura port and the  surrounding lands to be leased out to a Chinese Company..

At this discussion the Maha Sanga had revealed that they had received information that the lands where people have already settled in are to be leased out to the Chinese Company..On that issue they are protesting..

The Prime Minister answering to this query had added that 1235 acres of land surrounding the harbour are to be given out to the Chinese Company.The responsibility and deciding  of  leasing of the 15000 acres of land would be given to Minister Sagala Ratnayake and former Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa

The lands would be given from areas decided by the above two.The Prime Minister had quipped that he is not taking a part in it.If the lands are not available in Hambantota lands from Matara, Moneragala and Ratnapura districts would be found for them.He also had said he cannot be held responsible for the development of Hambantota.He also had said that he is not allowing the lands to be taken over by force.

The Prime Minister had quipped that what is implemented is the first phase.There are the second and third phases next.They are all at discussion levels he had said.In future he intends calling this Maha Sanga to the committee in Colombo.
This special discussion was concluded without a proper decision.With regard to the court order in this regard Minster Sagala Ratnayake had been asked to have it cancelled.

However it was quipped by the convener of the Hambantota National resources protection Buddhist organization Ven Beragama Gnanatilake thera that Maha Sanga had not arrived at a clear compromise  at the special discussion held.


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