Let’s truly enjoy the right to information!

The right to information (RTI) act that aims to ensure the right to information and building a culture of transparency and accountability to citizens, has been made available for public perusal. However, the absence of an adequate dialogue in society on the act clearly demonstrates the status of political consciousness in the country. In an era mere existence has become a question, we are not surprised by the lack of attention or exchange of ideas in society in that regard. However, the country’s media has ample opportunities to take the message of the importance of RTI to society. There is no limit for letters printed on a paper. The Sri Lankan politics is a weapon that can be rotated 360 degrees.

The governments then and now existed with the tax money squeezed out of your purse. But, when you question as to what has happened to that money, you only get a sneer. Rulers scorn at you while drinking a toast at the expense of your tax money. You had no opportunity to question it when you were shown the moon and was told it was the sun. You had to accept moon not as the moon but as the sun. When you were told to tighten your belt as running the country was difficult, you tightened your belt even unwillingly. At worst you used your vote for a change of luck. Is there anything that was gained?

Now, the opportunity is there to gain the right to question everything. There is nothing wrong to describe it as a golden opportunity, given the political experiences in the country. We believe that all should stand shoulder-to-shoulder to realize your legal due for the right to information a reality that allows citizens to gauge everyone for truth.

We at Lanka News Web have already assured that we are ready to shoulder the responsibility until that right becomes a reality, not a myth. The strength of the resource persons including lawyer Radika Gunaratne and the Sri Lanka Press Institute will show you the way in establishing the RTI. This is the first salvo in that regard.



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