Do not harm to the forest lands in Hambantota – Nature Lovers

Activists of nature loving demand government to safeguard the forest lands in Hambantota.

“Forest is a home for innocent animals. If the government clean and give it to the China what will happen to animals?” said Chameera Perera, Co-convener of Left Centre.

“President has advised that prior to agreement with China about 15000 acres, it should consult the Attorney General and need approval from the Ministers of Cabinet and finally should get the consent from Parliament..”

He added, “As the Environment Minster president has taken a decision on the issue of 15,000 acres of lands in Hambantota. Prime Minister not ready to follow the president’s advice and he follows his own way to give forest lands to China.”

“Countrymen did not give a power to Ranil Wickramasinghe to take his own decision,” said Perera at a press conference held at CSR in Colombo on Jan. 10, 2017.

He pointed out that former President Mahinda Rajapakse is responsible for Chinese intervention to Sri Lanka.

“Without concern the future of the country he gave our lands to China.”

Chamara Nakalandala, convener of Parapuraka Balaya said that instead of returning faming lands to farmers in Panama government is going to give forest lands to China.

“It is a serious matter. We should have a dialogue on this land issue”
- Lawrence Ferdinando - Colombo.

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