How India makes use of RTI

Twenty four hours earlier, we stressed to you that we will not let slip out of our shoulder the responsibility of media usage to ensure citizens’ right to information becomes a reality. Accordingly, we, along with lawyer Radika Gunaratne, bring to you something that makes you to think about the RTI.

These days, there is much talk about our neighbour. Some cannot stomach it when Hindustan is mentioned. In this case, such intolerance is irrelevant. That is because we speak about something that is inalienable – the right to information.

By now, India has established that right. That was the result of a big, dignified public struggle that began from Rajasthan. Poor women of that state established their strength to question their rulers a right of their own. They rise up using RIN as a weapon, not permitting their elected representatives to deceive them any further. As citizens rallying to win that same right, we should follow the footsteps of the Rajasthanis.

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