Will Ashu & Alagiyawnne too, go inside along with Wimal?

Authorities have made a mess of the due legal process when they remanded only former construction, engineering services, housing and public amenities minister Wimal Weereawansa and the then State Engineering Corporation deputy general manager (human resources and administration) Samantha Sampath Lokuhennadige over the misuse of rented vehicles, whereas the then SEC chairman Ashu Marasinghe and deputy minister Lasantha Alagiyawanne too, should have been produced before courts. Legal and political analysts are of the view that this too, will be a political hype that will end up with a situation advantageous to Weerawansa.

The main authority of a state corporation is its chairman. As revealed before courts yesterday, responsibility of Weerawansa’s relatives and political cronies being given rented vehicles at the SEC expense lies with the then chairman Marasinghe. The statement recorded by the FCID from Lokuhennadige clearly says he had acted on the instructions given him by chairman Marasinghe. Now a UNP national list MP, Marasinghe has left after giving a statement at the room of FCID director, DIG Premashantha. Also, investigations so far have revealed that unlike Weerawansa, Alagiyawanne has directly obtained vehicles rented by the SEC for his use. Matters stand thus, but only Weerawansa and Lokuhennadige have been implicated, and that will likely negate the entire process. A misuse of vehicles had clearly taken place, but filing a court case in such an unfounded manner will allow Weerawansa to portray it as a political revenge and use it to his advantage.

Weerawansa should have been behind bars around 1 ½ years ago when he was caught using two passports, or when it was found that he had filled the application form in his own handwriting to obtain a fake passport for his wife Shashi. However, prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe intervened and saved him. The PM might have hoped to use the incident in a political deal and silence Weerawansa. But, that made Weerawansa all the more mischievous.

The UNP government lost its patience when it was revealed that Weerawansa and Udaya Gammanpila had sent messages through Isura Devapriya to the president to remove PM Wickremesinghe and form a SLFP-led government. It is only after that the vehicle issue that had remained concealed for two years, suddenly made an appearance. Attorney general’s department official Swarna Warnakula has been checking the handwriting samples of Weerawansa for 1 ½ years now in relation with Shashi’s fake passport application matter. The UNP is spoiling the job by letting that matter pass and filing a case in a haphazard manner over the vehicle misuse charges.

What should next happen is that Marasinghe and Alagiyawanne become co-respondents along with Weerawansa and Lokuhennadige. The wrongdoer should be punished irrespective of the party he/she belongs to. Now, what will happen is that Weerawansa will cry ‘political revenge’, secure bail like a hero despite having abused his privileges and then the case getting dragged on for years.

That is how Ranil and his government get disgraced by trying to corner Weerawansa only while trying to get its appointed MP Marasinghe saved, after allowing Weerawansa, who should have been sent behind bars, to get bail through political interference. What people should learn from this is that everybody has skeletons in their closets and that those skeletons will come out only in an opportunistic manner.

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