Executive presidency will be abolished: no presidential polls in 2020 - Rajitha

The new constitution will abolish the executive presidency and as such, there will be no presidential election in 2020, said minister Rajitha Senaratne at the cabinet news briefing yesterday (11). The president has no intention, nor he has a mandate, of being named the 2020 presidential candidate, he said. Some in the SLFP might say various things, but the decision to abolish the executive presidency has not been withdrawn, he said.

Abolition of the executive presidency remained an issue during the war, but that excuse is not valid after 2010, said the minister.

The arrest of MP Wimal Weerawansa too, was raised at the media briefing. Deputy minister Ajith P. Perera commented that the government has lost Rs. 91.6 million due to his having misused 40 state vehicles during the period he was a minister. He has given these vehicles to his relatives and friends, including journalists and Buddhist monks, he said. Noting that the law should be enforced equally, he said the then State Engineering Corporation chairman Ashu Marasinghe had not misused state vehicles, or was responsible for the misuse by Weerawansa. Due to his dejection of the conduct of Weerawansa, Marasinghe resigned within a 10 month period, Senaratne added.


Ashika Brahmana
Nishantha Priyadarshana

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