Civil aviation DG represses workers

Soon after taking office, president Maithripala Sirisena requested that he be informed of incidents of corruption and fraud taking place in state institutions in order to act against the perpetrators.

That was meant to create a country free of corruption and fraud.

However, employees of the Civil Aviation Authority are being repressed after its patriotic employees revealed to relevant state institutions and the media about the massive swindling of money in their institution committed by its director general and certain other officials.

Last week, on a complaint by the DG, the CID raided the CAA and seized several computers for investigation. Following revelations by websites, the Civil Aviation Ministry additional secretary who had attended CAA director board meetings without permission was banned from attending the meetings and 11 CAA employees who are over 60 years of age and drew big salaries at the behest of the DG had been removed.

The DG is acting in a rage as he has come to understand that the situation is bad for him and that his future in the CAA is uncertain, say the employees. The additional secretary of the ministry who is now denied the monthly allowance he had received for attending board meetings, has joined with the DG to repress the employees. What is happening there now is that the top officials accused of fraud and corruption are hiding behind institutional privileges and accusing the employees of being thieves. Employees hope the ‘Yahapaalana’ government will punish them for having swindled public money for many years.

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