Investigation of Lasantha Wikremathunga is deadlock media hunters again on board

The matter has been discussed several times at the some government service authority's and the CID officers have also been instructed to inquire the journalists as well, our sources says. Meanwhile we have also heard that the CID has visited the residence of the officer who had posed these questions and have questioned him about his organization.

In our investigation we learned Political influence is threatening to derail the investigations into the murder of the The Sunday Leader Founder Editor Lasantha Wickrematunge. Investigators revealed that while there was considerable progress in the investigations, interference by the highest political and military echelons of the country may force the investigations to face a deadlock.Investigations have revealed the final orders to murder Wickremetunga had been issued by a Colonel, who was a former intelligence operative and attached to the Commando Regiment. The Colonel is now said to be holding a post in the unity government. Intelligence sources revealed to that while some VIPs/VVIPs and high profile individuals have been linked to the murder following the interrogation of Sri Lanka Army (SLA) intelligence sleuths, the interference of political and military stalwarts have prevented the Police from taking action against the VIPs in question.

And also last week we heard 30 strong team from CID has stormed the Civil Aviation Authority. It is said that the move follows a complaint by the Authority citing that internal information is being leaked to media. one of the staff member said that the CID team is questioning employees. He questions whether it is good governance to question workers who had acted on the President's request to report on fraud and corruption.

Unfortunately, It has become apparent that the someone is preparing for a witch hunt. Many have accused that the suppression of those who pose questions has been going on for quite some time. It seems that the some one who is join with Yahapalana government has also started to take the same path. Still Uplai Thennakoon, Poddala Jayanatha Prageeth Ekneligoda and also others waiting for there justices. However, we are vigilant as to what is going on. Even though the government claims that investigations are going on, nothing has been achieved so far. And there is no use of silencing the media as many would come to join the cause.

AshWaru Colombo

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