Rathana Thera looks for CID’s origin

All of a sudden, Athuraliye Rathana Thera has found a great compassion for the ‘war heroes’ of the Navy who are remanded on charges of abducting people for ransom and for having forced them to disappear, and he is now in a mission to save them. That is by looking for the origin of the officials of the CID that is investigating these suspects.

Even after the war that was painted as a ‘humanitarian operation’, people continued to be abducted, detained, tortured, extorted, robbed, killed and their bodies made to disappear in the name of war. The Navy men were arrested with evidence that they had committed those inhuman, base acts, and Rathana Thera has found that raising a voice on their behalf would be the only way for his political existence. Now, he is leveling accusations against those who are investigating the Navy suspects. That is completely against the Buddhist robe.

Among the investigators is an Inspector by the name Fabriel Nishantha Silva, and according to Rathana Thera, his birth certificate does not say if his great grandfather was a Sri Lankan. He is not a Sinhala Buddhist. According to his logic, it is against a non-Sinhala Buddhist to investigate the corruption, fraud and murders committed by Sinhala Buddhists. According to him, Nishantha Silva has become a Tiger terrorist.

As long as the Rajapaksa regime lasted, Rathana Thera was in best of terms with Mahinda and Gotabhaya, and had been siding with the killers, but the first instance he saw the Rajapaksas were doomed, he went behind the UNP and obtained a national list MP position. He expected big things for himself from the new government, but seeing that that was not possible for him, but not for Champika Ranawaka, he declared he would remain independent. He knows that by being independent, his nudity is visible and he wants something to cover himself and also to make his presence felt. Since talking about the constitution or catching thieves are not that exciting, this time he has taken up his ever-present, anti-Buddhist task of provoking racism. But, according to Buddha’s teachings no one can be judged by his birth.

But, faced with a challenge of finding some platform for his voice in his day-to-day political existence, Rathana Thera does not find any relevance in teachings of the Buddha. For as long as his existence, only the robe, not the Buddha’s teachings, was relevant to him. By whom he was given the contract is unknown, but Rathana Thera opposes the enforcement of the law against a gang of extortionists, robbers and killers. Now, he has fallen to the depth of looking for other’s birth certificates.

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