Mahindananda, still a govt. minister?

Four wine shops, located at Nawalapitiya town and owned by MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage, are reportedly selling liquor illegally. However, the police and the excise departments have failed to take any action against these wine shops.

The Nawalapitiya, Paramount, Browns and Tabot wine shops have been given the FL-4 category permit, under which only liquor bottles could be sold. The permit does not allow anyone to consume liquor at any of these wine shops.

However, Aluthgamage is selling liquor that can be consumed at the wine shops, with the knowledge of the police and excise departments. It is an illegally act, a violation of the permit and a big tax fraud.

Only places with FL-7 or FL-8 category permits allow buyers to consume liquor then and there. These permits cost more, and should be renewed every year. How Mahindananda behaved when he had the power of government needs not be mentioned here. The question is his continued conduct in the same manner, despite having lost that power.

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