SLFP attempt to divide UNP

The SLFP is attempting to create an internal conflict in the UNP by making use of the government ministries that have earned controversy, reports say. The SLFPers in the government are trying to get the president to agree to a cabinet reshuffle in order to create this conflict in the UNP. Towards that, they are making various suggestions to the president.

They are targeting to remove Ravi Karunanayake, Mangala Samaraweera and Lakshman Kiriella from their finance, foreign affairs and highways portfolios. All three are key figures in the UNP and an attempt for their removal itself is indicative of the ulterior motive.

The attempt is to get them replaced by SLFPers, or failing which, to get second string UNPers appointed in their place. That second move will certainly create a conflict in the UNP and go to strengthen the SLFP. However, reports say the president has not agreed to the suggestion. His recent remarks reveal these behind-the-scene attempts.

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