STOP purchase of luxury vehicles for ministers – COC

Leaders of COC (Citizens’ Organizations’ Collection) expressed their oppose government’s decision on purchase vehicles for ministers at their weekly press conference held at CSR in Colombo yesterday (March 16).

Addressing the media Co-convener of Left Centre Chameera Perera said that government has been decided again to purchase of luxury vehicles for ministers.

“Ministers say that they need luxury vehicles to meet their voters in remote areas due to they will have back pain if they do not go by luxury vehicles.”

He added, “We do not know that which physician advice them to use a luxury vehicles as a remedy for their back pains.”

“Instead of demand luxury vehicles ministers should admit to Ayurvedic hospital and consult orthopedic doctors. If they have sickness of back pain why did they come to the parliament?” said Perera.

“According to Prime Minister, government has taken a decision to allocate one hundred thousand rupees to every law makers at the parliament as a special allowance for their expenses.”
Co-convener of Left Centre pointed out the danger of the recent statement of former defense secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse.

“In a response to a query raised by a journalist Gotabhaya said that there are culprits for war crimes at the parliament. It is a serious issue. He himself confirmed that there were war crimes during the ethnic war. He should expose the name of the parliamentarian who responsible for war crimes. We urge the government to concern over his statement.”

Chamara Nakalanda, convener if Parapuraka Balaya criticized the shameful manner of young lawmakers.

“Even the young parliamentarians say that they need luxury vehicles due to they will get sickness of back pain if they use other vehicles. We suggest to the government to supply an ambulance and a doctor for every minister”

“We urge people to pressure the government to stop allocate money for buy luxury vehicles for ministers and work according to the January 8th peoples’ mandate,” said Akalanka Hettiarchchi, convener of Aluth Parpura.

Dr. Ravindra Kariyawasam and D. A. D Abeyratne also spoke out about environmental and manpower workers issues at the press conference.

Photos and reported by Lawrence Ferdinando

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