Is Vasu involved in human smuggling?

Joint opposition MP Vasudeva Nanayakkara, in a suspicious manner, has been raising in parliament the matter of illegal immigrants, according to reports reaching Lanka News Web. The reason is that he is having close links with a person accused of human trafficking.

It is reported that there are more than 6,000 illegal immigrants in Sri Lanka. All of a sudden, Vasu has come out of his sleep and is raising this matter. He asked minister Sagala Ratnayake in parliament about the action to be taken to send these people back to their countries.

A LNW investigation revealed why Vasu was so concerned about illegal immigrants.

Trade unionist Titus Saparamadu is a very close associate of Vasu, who does all his bidding. Recently, law enforcement authorities arrested 118 foreigners in Trincomalee, as Saparamadu was planning to smuggle them out of the country. He is now accused of having facilitated human smuggling, as per clause 45C of the immigration and emigration act. These foreigners are demanding that they be given back the money they had paid to him. It is in this scenario that Vasu is asking in parliament as to when illegal immigrants will be sent back to their countries.

Saparamadu is a human trafficker facing many accusations. This is the latest charge he is facing. Vasu is a veteran in Sri Lankan politics. He is no ‘baby.’ Therefore, the so called JO’s having forgotten the racism it is trying to provoke in the country and all of a sudden finding a new issue in illegal immigrants is no coincidence. Therefore, it raises very valid suspicion if Vasu too, is involved in human trafficking.

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