Colombo city infested by rats
Reports say rats could pose a grave threat to the city of Colombo. The reason is that very big rat populations had been found from where land development and renovation of old buildings take place in the city, the most recent being when land was being prepared for the project for the Beira lake development.
As a result of this project, the rats could flee and find new habitats in the institutions and houses located nearby. Urban development specialists warn that these rats could pose a grave threat to these institutions, schools and houses if no immediate action was taken. Furthermore, rat fever and bubonic plague could threaten the city. 
Rats can acclimatize themselves to any situation. A female can give birth to around one million young ones within a three year period. Even if 95 per cent of the rat population in a given area is destroyed, the situation will be back to stage one within a year.
When contacted, CMC’s chief medical health officer Ruwan Wijayamuni said they had the required medical officers, PHIs and other staff as well as medicines and other requirements if any contingency occurred. He said eliminating the rats was already underway.
Bangladesh and Australia have reported major threats by rats, especially in Chittagong hills where the situation worsened into a long-term famine and epidemic. A massive expenditure and considerable labour had to be borne to eliminate the rats.
Sithara Kularatne - Sathhanda
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