Bitter gourd seeds can cure cancer

Research by a team from Peradeniya University has revealed the anti-cancer qualities of bitter-gourd seeds. Prof. Jayantha Rajapakse of its veterinary science faculty says bitter gourd seeds are capable of destroying and halting the spreading of cancerous cells.

The substance with this quality in bitter gourd seeds has been identified as stearic fatty acid which is anti-cancerous, he announced following around one year of research.

“The research was started using fresh seeds of bitter-gourd cultivated without the use of agrochemicals. The treatment was given to various kinds of animals and it was established the alpha stearic fatty acid has the capability of destroying cancer cells. Bitter-gourd is popular among the people as a treatment for diabetes. But, most do not consume its seeds. The entire bitter-gourd is full of medicinal qualities. Its kernel has the ability to bring down the blood sugar level.”

“Fresh bitter gourd seeds were used in this research. The price of a kilo of seeds of bitter-gourd cultivated without using agrochemicals is between Rs. 6,000 – Rs. 8,000. Around eights seeds are needed to produce one capsule. This does not have any side effects.”

He says patients at the cancer treatment unit of Kandy General Hospital are being given this treatment and it has shown successful results. The Peradeniya University’s medical faulty will be given the task of introducing this treatment, he said.

Patients are given this bitter-gourd seed capsule twice a week under the supervision of oncologist Dr. Mohamed Hilmy, said Prof. Rajapakse, adding that this was given free of charge. Long-term use of this treatment will cause no side effects, he assured.

Nadeeka Daya Bandara - Kandy

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