Meethotamulla situation is more serious than it appears – Here’s the true story; 10 bodies found, 100 missing

With the landslide at the Meethotamulla garbage heap yesterday (14), the media reported it with various interpretations. However, residents of the area say the true story has not been made public. made an investigation.

Here is the true story:

Since last week, there had been fires in the garbage heap. People informed the authorities, but they did not pay any attention. Yesterday afternoon, the landslide occurred at Dahampura area, and around 75 houses were buried. By this morning, those houses still remain under 40 feet of garbage.

Despite the media having reported that relief measures have been taken, people claim otherwise. By 8.00 am today, 10 bodies were recovered. It is believed around 100 are buried under the garbage.

“The landslide began around 1.00 in the afternoon. The backhoes arrived around 2.00 in the morning. Until then, our people and the Army did their best to save the people. No official came. We have been asking to remove this garbage heap since a long time. On New Year day, our children’s happiness was lost. In addition to the permanent residents, we don’t know how many were there actually. So far around 10 bodies were recovered. We did our best late into the night to save the people. How can we stop because of night? The dead and those buried are the people and children who had to suffer due to the garbage heap. Now, they come and shed crocodile tears. We have been asking for its removal. On the morning of the14th too, garbage was dumped here.”

Among the dead are three children. Seven injured are being treated at Colombo National Hospital. The Disaster Management Centre says relief measures are being taken. Removal of the debris is continuing.

Ashika Brahmana

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