'Face the reality,  Arjuna tells Port Authority'

The Ports Authority has to take up a decisive role this year in view of the contentious issues of the Hambantota port and the east terminal of the Colombo port, says minister Arjuna Ranatunga. He was addressing his staff before commencing work for the New Year.

He urged Authority workers to mediate and protect their institution which is facing a privatization of its key assets. If Hambantota port is to be privatized, he said, his intention is to keep a majority stake with the Authority while giving less to the investors.

“I do not like, other ministers, to hold office for a certain period and fulfill the duties for that period only. For the first time, we have been able to form a government with all the parties getting together. In addition to the two main parties, Tamil, Muslim and all others have got together to form this government. We have to build the country as Sri Lankans. I am a Buddhist. But, I never degrade other religions.”

He added that all should work together to protect the Ports Authority

(Ashika Brahmana)


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