Gotabhaya should not mislead the nation on Meethotamulla tragedy –Chameera Perera

Leaders of Citizens’ Organizations Collective (COC) expressed their displeasure about the government’s failure to take proper action to prevent collapse of Meethotamulla Garbage Mountain.

Addressing the weekly press conference held at CSR in Colombo on April 18 Left Centre Co-convener Chameera Perera said that Gotabhaya Rajapakse should not mislead the nation on Meethotamulla tragedy.
“Gotabhaya who was initiated the Meethotamulla garbage mountain in 2008 and overlooked the court decision given against garbage dump at Meethotamulla in 2009.
He added, “Nobody could not challenge including the court against his decision about the Meethotamulla garbage dump. He and the former regime depressed and brutally attacked demonstration organized by the Meethotamulla people in 2012. Gotabhaya has told to English newspaper that their plan to create a sanitary dumping in latter part of the government. And he said that the plan was neglected due to the change of the government on January 8th 2015. It is really a shame of giving this kind of false reasons.”
“We urge the government to follow certain scientific measures excised by the other countries who has large population in cities. And it should be short and long term process to overcome this environmental problem,” said Perera.
COC also criticized the brutal killing of an elephant by wild life officer on April 17.
“It was televised by the Sirasa TV and we urge Wild Life Minister to investigate this matter,” said Co-convener of Left Centre.
Talking to Lanka News Web Convener of Parapuraka Balaya (Power of a generation) Chamara Nakandala said that Meethotamulla tragedy was not a natural destruction.

“It was politicians made destruction. They were informed by the people at Meethotamulla and environmental experts about the danger of the garbage mountain. But authorities were kept silence. If they take prompt action for that we could save the lives of people who lost at the Methotamulla destruction. It is a time to government and opposition to joint- together and finds a solution for this issue.”

He added, “Government should consult expert in recycling management systems and apply to the country and find a suitable solution for the garbage problem in the country. People will learn a lesson from this incident and not support for the necessary solutions for this due to their bad experience and broken promises given to the people. Anyhow government should get the support from religious leaders, environmentalists and civil society leaders to aware the public on needy of solution for the garbage problem. We can’t blame only to the government authorities. Citizens of this country should understand about their responsibilities about protect the nature.”

“We can’t keep trust on the government due to the failure of take proper action for incidents at Salawa and Aranayaka. Victims of those places did not receive a reasonable compensation for their damage,” said Convener of Parapuraka Balaya.

Akalanka Hettiarachchi, convener of Aluth Parapura also spoke out at the event.

(Photos and reported by Lawrence Ferdinando)

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