Kaluthara prison commissioner transferred – Inquiries to begin

The Commissioner of the Kalutara prison has been transferred with immediate effect, Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs says in a statement.

Accordingly the Minister D.M. Swaminathan has instructed the Ministry Secretary w.M.P.G. Wickramasinghe to make necessary arrangements to hold an independent inquiry on to the recent prison bus shooting at Kaluthara and several other matters.

Inquiries on the Kalutara prison bus shooting that happened on February 27, 2017 will be based on the information provided by the Three Member Committee. There will be inquiries held on the assault occurred inside the to a suspect of the murder of underworld gang leader ‘Samayan’ as well as finding a mobile phone and tobacco hidden inside a cabbage with the vegetable supplies to the prison kitchen.  

The Minister further stated that, if the prison officers were found guilty to these incidents, they will be punished without considering their status.


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