Response : NDB Chairman involved in a tender racket

We have received a response from the Secretar, National Development Bank Employees’ Association for the article published on 15th May 2017 under the headline of ' NDB Chairman involved in a Tender Racket '. Here we publish his response as accepting 'Right to Reply'

Dear Editor,

    I, Thusitha Jayalath is the Secretary of National Development Bank Employees’ Association [NDBEA].

I’m writing to you with reference to the articles that were published in under the captions “NDB chief financial officer suspended for whistle blowing” and “NDB Chairman involved in a Tender Racket”

According to the said articles, certain claims and facts were raised by the” Union”. However, we wish to put on record that our Association has not released information to any media institution/publication or public relating to the said matters. Further, we wish to refrain from commenting on the said matters.

Therefore, I would kindly request you to publish a correction relating to the article, informing that NDBEA denies giving information to your publication or to any other media. Also kindly request you to seek concurrence from President or Secretary of the Association in publishing any information relating to our Association in future.


    Thank you,


    National Development Bank Employees’ Association.

Editor’s note –

The response to our article on the NDB Bank does not reject the accuracy of our revelation. The Trade Union has not commented on the accuracy of the facts. They only have said that the information was not provided through them. The Trade Union member, who provided us the information, wish to remain anonymous in order to continue with the fight against injustice. The Trade Union member emphasize that his facts are 100% accurate.

We are ready to provide space and freedom to publish any response from the NDB Chairman Ananda Athukorala or from the alleged members of the Director Board based on the information we have disclosed.

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