Ex-FBI chief Muller to continue the Russian probe

 The Trump administration has appointed a highly decorated former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations to continue the probe in to the alleged Russian interferences during the Presidential elections, with a fresh start.

Robert Muller III, who has served as the Director of the FBI for 12 year has been named as the special councel to oversee the investigation. Muller took over the FBI director post a few days before the shocking terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001. Since then he has been recognized as a person who contributed largely to restore and promote the reputation of the Bureau.

Muller had served under the George W. Bush administration and Obama administration. While Muller served as the FBI Director during Bush administration, the recently sacked FBI director has served as the Deputy Attorney General. It is a well-known that both Muller and Comey had been close allies for a long time.

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