What will happen to MPs with dual citizenship?

MPs having dual citizenship became a hot topic after the court of appeal ruling on Geetha Kumarasinghe. Reports say the current parliament has 10 MPs with dual citizenship. They are from the UNP, SLFP and the TNA. However, no details are available officially, except for Kumarasinghe.

PAFFREL executive director Rohana Hettiarachchi says they have sought information from the Immigration and Emigration Department about the citizenship of all MPs. Once received, the information will be made public, he said.
Taking up an appeal filed by Kumarasinghe, the Supreme Court issued an injunction preventing the annulment of her parliamentary seat, which has since been extended until October. Now, the interest on MPs with dual citizenship is receding gradually.
In the event these 10 MPs lose their seats, the composition of parliament as well as the balance of power will change, as both the SLFP and the TNA are set to lose several seats. However, the SLFP being a partner of the government, attempts will be made to prevent that from taking place. The postponement of Kumarasinghe’s petition until October could be a result of such attempts.

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