New Colombo waste water drain will damage Maligawatta railway quarters

Railway workers’ quarters in Maligawatta is facing further damage with the new project launched by the Colombo Municipal Council building a new drainage system to drain waste water,

revealed the Railway Technicians’ Association. Further explaining the dire situation Secretary of the Association H.A. Rathnasiri said that these houses are over 100 years old and the Government Assessor has categorized them as unsuitable to live. “Still our workers live in these wrecked houses with their families facing number of difficulties because there is no other place to move,” he said.

“And now the CMC has started to build this waste water drain. The construction work will further weaken the basements and the walls of the houses will start cracking and some may even fall,” Rathnasiri explained.

He said that this area has become extremely unhygienic and gets inundated even with the slightest rain. Our children are falling sick frequently because of this,” he added.

The unhygienic situation gets worse with the unfitting drainage system of the houses.

“We understand there is a need for projects to uplift the living standards of the people. But it serves no purpose if the same project is endangering another group of people. There is a completed housing scheme nearby. The Government can allocate some houses for the railway worker. The subject minister must interfere soon before the disaster,” added Rathnasiri.

He requested the relevant authorities to pay attention to this problem and avoid further damage.

Ashika Brahmana

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